Transitioning to the New Industrial Revolution with Virtuous Intelligence: The AVI Network and the ARC Token

Transitioning to the New Industrial Revolution with Virtuous Intelligence: The AVI Network and the ARC Token

The establishment of the AVI Network is a testament to the deep commitment to resilience, innovation, and paradigm-shifting realities that shape its foundation. This commitment was born out of a personal tragedy experienced by the network’s visionary founder, Ezio Lucido.

Witnessing firsthand the consequences of a system that values destructive competition over empowerment, Lucido was driven to challenge and reimagine the underlying principles that govern our social and economic interactions.

“I refuse to accept that we are powerless in this world. AVI is determined to ensure that no individual or civilization falls prey to adversarial intelligences,”

Ezio Lucido

Today, the AVI Network, powered by the AVI Coin and ARC Token, stands as Lucido’s response: a soon-to-be-released, revolutionary ecosystem designed to unlock human potential and foster a new paradigm for societal growth at a critical juncture in history.

This was further solidified by the collaboration with Hackdra’s ULGENAI. Created and developed by Hackdra’s experts and ethical hackers, ULGENAI merges with cybersecurity to protect the cyber world from disruptions and establish security in the cyberspace that has now become the living space of all humanity. As the world’s first and only dynamic artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity company, Hackdra has brought a new framework to the Internet of Things with the integrable structure of its artificial intelligence technology into any system. The meeting of AVI and Hackdra will usher in the Industry 4.0 era with breakthroughs that will carry the destiny of humanity to different dimensions.

AVI’s Goals

After a four-year core development process, the AVI Network, officially launched to the public on February 21, 2024, is resolutely moving towards transformative goals:

Virtuous Change System

To create a self-sustaining, user-centric change platform for a more free and prosperous human future.

Unified Exchange Model

To launch the ARC-2031 smart contract protocol to the market to maximize the efforts of users and stakeholders in different areas. This unique and new solution, the first of its kind, is poised to play a significant role in ensuring the triumph of the Humanities in the coming era in partnership with Hackdra.

Blockchain Innovation

To implement a dual-layer blockchain system that combines the security of Layer 1 AVI Coin with a Proof of Work design and the efficiency of Layer 2 ARC Token with a Proof of Stake mechanism.

AVIANA.AI Development

To use artificial intelligence to promote virtuous intelligence and enhance user change.

For the Industry 4.0 era, ULGENAI and AVIANA.AI

The fourth industrial revolution is undoubtedly a significant step for humanity to reach a higher level of prosperity and technological advancement. The transition to the fourth industrial revolution will be possible after bringing technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, cloud computing, and cyber-physical systems (mechanical systems controlled by computer-based algorithms) to a certain point for the benefit of humanity.

This is why AVI Network and Hackdra have sharpened the arrival of this new era through their partnerships. The safe use of the new human ecosystem, cyberspace, its seamless integration into daily life, and its ability to be turned into capital for humanity are dependent on this.

AVI Network’s state-of-the-art network and promising AVIANA.AI can protect humanity from the impact of corruption and provide a positive effect on the new industrial revolution’s search for new jobs and capital.

One factor that complicates the transition to Industry 4.0 is the risk of disruptive actions by bad actors. For example, high-profile ransomware attacks on Colonial Pipeline Company and JBS Foods in 2021 created supply shocks in gasoline and food supplies affecting broad segments of the U.S. population. Therefore, it is not surprising that data security has become a significant concern in ensuring secure and efficient trade.

That is why Hackdra is playing a key role in the transition to the new industrial revolution, providing security for every layer of this new living space with innovative security methods and the high-tech dynamic artificial intelligence ULGENAI equipped with these methods.

Hackdra and AVI Network have combined the powers of AVIANA.AI and ULGENAI to make security accessible and faster for everyone. Hackdra has earned a reputation for establishing superior security in global security structures with methods developed for risks that cannot be prevented by traditional methods. With ULGENAI, Hackdra brings a new dimension to the concept of the Internet of Things, shaping security by easily integrating with technological devices used in daily life (home, work, car) and responding to attacks instantly.

AVIANA.AI and ULGENAI are working on projects that will lead to the digitalization of business life with their adaptable algorithm for cyber-physical systems, enabling easy and fast production and providing time and cost savings for businesses. This situation will lead human life to a level of prosperity and easily reach the equilibrium of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

For the government, mobile platforms and Internet technology have provided more transparency, visibility and instant communication to the general population. However, due to the ability of groups to organize and communicate outside the usual communication channels, traditional forms of government control can be overcome with this great combination of AVIANA.AI and ULGENAI.

Proven studies with fast, accessible, effective and superior security methods have removed the obstacle in front of the new industrial era to make humanity’s new habitat safe.


Lucido’s mission in the AVI Network is to radically reimagine change through virtuous intelligence, based on the adversities faced by his brother and the global, systemic failures they illuminate. This mission aims to elevate the human experience within a flexible, decentralized financial ecosystem and signal a paradigm shift that could redirect the course of civilization.

Hackdra recognizes that danger easily circulates at every level of cyberspace, the new ecosystem of humanity, and that ensuring the security of this ecosystem serves as a cornerstone to propel humanity into the future. By operating with the principle of “the strongest security for everyone” to sharply establish security, Hackdra completes the final piece of this technology, which is a call for a new era in line with AVI Network’s mission.


AVI Network envisions a future where digital transactions not only are seamless and secure but also serve as cornerstones in truly writing the human story. By embracing a groundbreaking paradigm and fostering a conducive ecosystem, the network aims to empower individuals and systems, contribute to a more just and beneficial global society.

“We are honored to partner with Hackdra, an industry leader in secure Blockchain and AI development, for the development and deployment of AVIANA.AI. This strategic collaboration combines Hackdra’s cutting-edge expertise with the AVI vision, propelling the AVI Network to the forefront of technological innovation and ethical progress.”

AVI Network

Since 2008, Hackdra has redefined the concept of artificial intelligence, the technology of the future, and the human ecosystem with its dynamic artificial intelligence technology, shedding light on the future and making it more predictable. Guiding the security community with its innovative solutions, Hackdra is proud to continue contributing to the human ecosystem through its partnership with AVI and to be associated with AVI through its groundbreaking paradigm.

Projects and Products

AVI Coin

The network’s foundational Layer 1 blockchain, emphasizing secure and efficient transactions.

ARC-2031 Token

Central to our Layer 2 solutions, enabling governance, smart contracts, asset tokenization and powering AVIANA.AI.

AVI Exchange

A marketplace designed with value alignment at its core.


Developed in partnership with Hackdra to advance civilization’s progress and empower users with AVI’s novel protocols and automations.

The Alliance

The Alliance and annual forum, promoting community-driven innovation and collaboration for Virtuous Intelligence.

AVI Paradigm

The book exploring and teaching the ecosystem’s foundational philosophies and aspirations.


Out of this profound personal loss and systemic critique, AVI Network was born, a beacon of transformation in the field of digital change and blockchain. Focused on empowering communities, AVI Network, along with visionary allies like Hackdra, invites those who dare to dream of a better future that reflects the most virtuous aspirations to join in creating a world.

Sharing the same values as AVI Network, Hackdra has the power to honor humanity’s collective destiny by establishing security at every layer of the network and making the new human ecosystem more livable to propel humanity into the Industry 4.0 era.

Join us on this transformative journey. Witness the historic construction of a secure and powerful ecosystem for the Industry 4.0 era.

Frequently Asked Questions About AVI Network

What sets the AVI Network apart?

Its unique method of integrating a Proof of Work and Proof of Stake Layer 2, optimized by the novel ARC-2031 Token Protocol.

How does the ARC Token enhance the ecosystem?

It plays a critical role in governance, smart contract facilitation, asset tokenization, and powering AVIANA.AI.

What exactly makes the ARC 2031 Protocol special?

A unifying framework enhancing the ARC Token’s utility and integration within the AVI Network, pivotal to its mission. The protocol’s algorithim have been meticulously developed to be an undeniable, timeless force in exchange.

How and when can individuals engage with the AVI Network today?

As the AVI Networks journey begins, users can engage through ARC Token interaction and in joining our community.

What future developments are expected?

Launches of the AVI Coin, ARC Token integration within Layer 2, user-centric hardware and wallets, Atomic DEX, launch of the Advisory Council and Alliance, AVIANA.AI, AVI Labs, and the AVI Exchange, coupled with the annual forum for conceptual refinement, are key steps towards realizing AVI’s next-genration Virtuous Exchange System (V.E.S.).

@hackdra Cybersecurity

Hackdra was founded in 2019 by of the sector Pioneer cyber defense experts determined to save the internet from cyber deteriorations. By combining his passion for security with the high-level artificial intelligence technology he developed, he earned the title of the industry’s “first and only Dynamic Artificial Intelligence-based cybersecurity company”. By developing innovative methods for security risks that traditional methods cannot prevent, it has gave direction the understanding of security in the sector and has made a name for itself in the world cyber security configurations.

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