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About Hackdra

Hackdra was founded in 2019 by of the sector Pioneer cyber defense experts determined to save the internet from cyber deteriorations. By combining his passion for security with the high-level artificial intelligence technology he developed, he earned the title of the industry’s “first and only Dynamic Artificial Intelligence-based cyber security company”. By developing innovative methods for security risks that traditional methods cannot prevent, it has gave direction the understanding of security in the sector and has made a name for itself in the world cyber security configurations.

By closing the security gap between what organizations have and what they can protect, it has combined its innovative structure that makes a difference in attack resistance management with the skills of ethical hackers and security experts. It embraces the principle of “the strongest security for everyone”, providing solutions for all levels of customer portfolio to ensure certainty in cyber world security. It has enabled the prevention of cybercrime in all areas of the Internet and the closure of vulnerabilities in the digital attack surface. Today, its high level technology and innovative methodology have opened a new era in cyberspace.

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Hackdra History

Industrial Revolution In Cyber Security

The founders of Hackdra created Dynamic AI technology in 2008. Since 2005, ethical hackers, who have been shaping the industry with their activities, were aware that traditional cybersecurity measures were not enough to stop cyber attackers. by watching the methods of cyber-attacks, they they uncovered the concept of “on the contrary cyberloop”. They gained the appreciation of the cyber security world with this method that prevents most attacks. In 2019, they founded Hackdra to bring definitive solutions to cyber security attacks. They combined unique artificial intelligence technology UlgenAI with innovative cyber security methods. UlgenAI has brought a new dimension to the concept of “internet of things” by providing near-perfect security against attacks. In addition, the fact that it can be integrated into many fields of activity such as robotics, cyber defense and service sector with its high-level functionality gave an idea about how the new social era will be.

It made a name for itself often and appreciated in cyber security configurations with new protection methods and security activities. Today, Hackdra is engaged in the protection of digitized assets, cyber intelligence, asset recovery and high-level cyber security activities and continues to develop new methods and bring them to the cyber world every day.

Hackdra Vision

We aim to provide uninterrupted cybersecurity and facilitate societal life with accessible artificial intelligence technology

Cyber security is not limited to asset protection. This should include staying up to date by developing innovative methods to prevent cyber disruptions in all areas, contributing to the overall security of society, transparency and social responsibility. We are aware that protecting society’s digital rights and making everyone feel safe in the digital world will spearhead a new era.

Hackdra Mission

The Accessible Strongest Security for Everyone!

We are aware that cyber-attacks are the biggest obstacle to the growth of companies. Therefore, our mission is to ensure that every organization and individual has access to quality security services by combining AI technology with impeccable security. Our goal is to create a secure internet environment so that everyone can benefit from quality security services without making large investments or resorting to low-quality services.

Company Values

All of us Hackdra family are driven by a passion for our mission, and a strong urge to work together to make the world a better place.


We represent our values consistently at all times. We carry out each of our actions in a way that reflects the core values of our company. Leading our family with integrity, we always maintain the level of safety we promise our customers.

Open Communication

We focus on doing our best by accepting feedback openly. Being transparent in communication supports team cohesion and success. Thus, we create a solid communication culture by building trust through transparency.

Mission Awareness

We are aware that our mission is bigger than us. We fulfill our responsibilities to the community by consistently representing our values. Our family, which grows with this mission every day, aims to create a sustainable impact with determination.


As a team, we help each other to pioneer innovations. Day by day we learn something new, share problems and celebrate successes. In this way, we train new cyber security leaders who lead the sector with stronger protection methods.

Customer Orientation

We offer innovative and high quality security solutions according to our customers’ needs and costs. We aim to create a society that is aware of cyber security risks by working in partnership with our customers. In this way, we aim to build a secure digital future.


We believe that everyone in our company has equal opportunities without discrimination on the basis of preference. By embracing diversity, we appreciate the unique talents of each of our employees and enable them to work collaboratively in a fair environment.

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