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Why Cross-Chain Bridge Audit

Build trust and minimize risks with Cross-Chain Bridge auditing

Cross-chain bridge auditing is a meticulous process that ensures the security and reliability of blockchain interoperability. By subjecting the bridge to comprehensive audits, potential vulnerabilities, exploits, and weaknesses can be identified and addressed, bolstering the overall security posture of the interoperability solution. Projects that have undergone and successfully completed the audit earn a place in the Hackdra Web3 Security Scoreboard, signifying their dedication to security and providing a strong indication to the entire Web3 community of their commitment to safeguarding users’ assets during cross-chain transactions.

Avoid costly errors

Critical security vulnerabilities may put your project’s existence at risk. The biggest hacks are mostly caused attributable to code security flaws.

Optimize your code

Get advice from the best cross-chain bridge audit firm to optimize your code. Apart from security flaws, our specialists detect bugs affecting product logic.

Increase audience trust

Cross-Chain Bridge code auditing builds trust without being subject to the question “Is this project a safe choice?” Incident rate among projects audited by Hackdra is less than 1%.
Secure Blockchain Projects

What projects need a Cross-Chain Bridge audit?

A Cross-Chain Bridge Audit is a process that audits the security of software or protocols that transfer assets between different blockchains. These audits aim to protect users’ assets by identifying vulnerabilities. A secure Cross-Chain Bridge allows users to safely transfer assets and is a fundamental requirement in the cryptocurrency world.

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NFT Platforms

Platforms that enable NFT (Non-Fungible Token) trading on different blockchains may need cross-chain bridge audits. The fact that NFTs can be transferred between different blockchains creates the need for a secure cross-chain bridge.

DeFi Protocols

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols that can transfer assets between varying blockchains may need cross-chain bridge audits. In particular, protocols that create liquidity pools and asset swaps between different blockchains need such audits to ensure their security.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Decentralized exchanges that provide token swaps between different blockchains may need a cross-chain bridge audit. A secure cross-chain bridge is required for users to exchange assets between different blockchains.

Gaming Platforms

Crypto gaming platforms may need a cross-chain bridge audit to enable the transfer of gaming assets between different blockchains. A secure cross-chain bridge is important for players to move their assets between different blockchains.
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When does a project need a Cross-Chain Bridge audit?

A project that enables the transfer of assets between different blockchains needs a Cross-Chain Bridge audit. This audit ensures that the project operates in a secure and reliable manner. In addition, a Cross-Chain Bridge audit may be needed when the volume of asset transfers increases, to adapt to changing security standards, when new blockchains are integrated, or in response to community requests. These audits are important to ensure the security of the project and the protection of users’ assets.

Audit Now

When a new Cross-Chain Bridge is developed

When a new Cross-Chain Bridge is created to transfer assets between different blockchains, an audit is needed to ensure its security and integrity.

When the volume of asset transfer increases

When asset transfers across a project’s Cross-Chain Bridge increase, an audit may be required to ensure the security and performance of the bridge.

To adapt to changing security standards

Security standards in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world are constantly evolving. In this case, an audit may be performed to determine whether Cross-Chain Bridge is compliant with current security standards.

When new integrations are made

Integrating different blockchains or new crypto assets may affect the security of Cross-Chain Bridge. In this case, an audit may be required to ensure the security of the integrations.

In response to community requests

In response to requests from the project’s community or users, audits may be conducted to ensure the security and integrity of Cross-Chain Bridge.
Safeguard Your Success

Benefits of cross-chain bridge auditing by Hackdra

Cross-Chain Bridge auditing, together with the service offered by Hackdra, offers significant benefits to ensure the integrity and security of your project, minimizing risks and maximizing success.

Enhanced Security

Hackdra’s cross-chain bridge audit ensures the integrity and security of your project by helping to detect and remediate weaknesses. This protects your assets and reputation by reducing the risk of breaches or contract failures.

Trust and Reputation

With transparent and comprehensive audit processes, Hackdra builds trust and enhances the reputation of your project. Demonstrating a commitment to transparency, security, and best practices will attract more participants and investors.

Regulatory Compliance

Hackdra ensures that your cross-chain bridges comply with relevant legislation and industry standards. This helps you meet regulatory requirements and minimize the risk of non-compliance, penalties, and legal disputes.

Expertise and Experience

Hackdra brings a team of specialized auditors, ethical hackers, and cybersecurity experts with deep knowledge and experience in cross-chain bridge auditing. Their expertise uncovers potential risks and offers valuable insights into security and functionality.

Timely and Efficient Process

Hackdra follows a smart and efficient process to conduct cross-chain bridge audits without unnecessary delays. This allows you to quickly address detected issues and launch your project with confidence.

Transparent Pricing

Hackdra adopts a pricing policy that is fair and understandable to customers. This ensures that you get customized solutions without hidden costs or surprises.

Ongoing Support

Hackdra provides ongoing support and guidance even after the audit is complete. They help implement recommended security measures, stay up-to-date with emerging threats, and ensure the long-term security of your cross-chain bridges.

Customized Solutions

Hackdra understands that every project is unique and may have specific requirements. They offer customized cross-chain bridge auditing solutions that fit the needs of your projects. This personalized approach ensures a more effective and efficient audit and allows you to thoroughly assess and protect the security of your project.
How Does It Work?

Cross-Chain Bridge Audit Process

The Cross-Chain Bridge Audit Process involves a thorough examination of the bridge’s codebase, smart contracts, and security measures. It aims to ensure the reliability and safety of asset transfers between different blockchains. The process includes planning, code review, smart contract evaluation, testing, security assessment, detailed reporting, and implementation of recommended improvements to enhance the bridge’s security.

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Before the audit process begins, the audit scope, objectives and duration are determined. Details such as which blockchains will be bridged and which assets will be transferred are planned.

Code Review

The code base of the Cross-Chain Bridge is examined in detail. During this review, issues such as security vulnerabilities, error conditions and performance optimization are addressed.

Smart Contract Audit

The smart contracts of the Cross-Chain Bridge are examined in detail for security and correctness. The logic of the smart contracts, security protocols and the data structures used are audited.

Testing Phase

As part of the audit process, the Cross-Chain Bridge is tested. In this phase, the bridge is tested in different scenarios and possible failure cases are studied.

Security Assessment

The security level of the Cross-Chain Bridge is assessed. Potential attack points are identified and security measures are worked on.


A detailed report is prepared at the end of the audit process. This report includes the results of the inspections, recommended corrections and improvements.

Implementation and Improvement

Based on the recommendations in the audit report, the necessary corrections are made and the security of the Cross-Chain Bridge is improved. This process is repeated continuously to ensure that the safety of the bridge is maintained.

Certification and Publication on OZNET

As Hackdra, we provide a certification that verifies the security of the Cross-Chain Bridge. This certification demonstrates that the Cross-Chain Bridge has been audited by Hackdra and complies with security standards. Moreover, we can publish your audit results on trusted platforms like OZNET. This enhances the credibility of your project and serves as a reference point for potential investors or users.
Reduce Risks Increase Trust

What does a Cross-Chain Bridge audit report include?

Cross-Chain Bridge Security Audit Report

Detailed classification of identified security vulnerabilities according to their importance levels,

Step-by-step recommendations on how to resolve security vulnerabilities,

Suggestions for performance improvement for future development potential,

Scoring of documentation quality, code quality, architectural quality, and security elements.

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Cross-Chain Bridge is a technology that enables asset transfers between different blockchains.

The security of Cross-Chain Bridge is ensured through cryptographic protocols and smart contracts.

Cross-Chain Bridge generally allows asset transfers between popular blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

It generally supports popular wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Ledger.

Yes, using Cross-Chain Bridge generally requires a transaction fee.

The transaction time can vary depending on the speed of the blockchains involved, but it generally ranges from a few minutes to a few hours.

Basic security measures such as securing private keys, using correct addresses, and obtaining information from reliable sources should be taken into account.

Generally, basic technical knowledge is sufficient for using Cross-Chain Bridge, but in some cases, more advanced knowledge may be required.

In some cases, there may be limitations for certain types or amounts of assets.

With the development of Cross-Chain Bridge technology, we can expect more blockchain integrations, faster transaction times, and lower fees.