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Hackdra is on a mission to build a safer internet and empower to combat cyber threats. Our highly efficient collaboration not only brings new growth opportunities to your customers but also the benefits of modern technologies. Whether you are a security solution provider, technology partner, or service provider, partnering with Hackdra will help you protect your customers and grow your business.

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There is only one way to ensure security together. HACKDRA is committed to make the world a safe place with the mission of ‘strong security for everyone’. Discover the privilege of delivering the benefits of current technologies for your customers and the value our fruitful collaboration can bring.


Powerful Methods That Earn Trust

With the title of the first and only Dynamic AI-based cybersecurity company, Hackdra maintains its technology leadership by pioneering the innovative appearance of organizations.
Pioneering the security understanding in the industry with its innovative methods, Hackdra, which is renowned in global cybersecurity configurations, significantly reduces cyber risks for over 2,200 organizations worldwide.


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Gain reputation with a modern interface that ensures maximum security speed and ease of use. Focus on growth without worrying about your company’s security, guided by breakthrough AI technology and leader security experts.

Marketing Support

Access rich resources and tools to assist with your marketing.

Recognized Certification

Gain the trust of your customers by taking advantage of the HACKDRA brand.

Customized Solutions

Benefit from expert consultant guidance tailored to your needs.

Order Of Priority

Stay one step ahead in the competition and offer your customers state-of-the-art solutions.

Favorable Terms Of Purchase

Benefit from strong security methods in a cost-effective way.

High Quality Technical Due Diligence

Focus on growing your business without worrying about security risks with our help.

Strengthen your security posture

Reduce your company’s security vulnerability risk by leveraging UlgenAI, the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence, and security experts.
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