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With our AI-powered Blockchain Security services, including comprehensive protocol and smart contract audits, formal verification, penetration testing, KYC and more, we ensure top-level protection for your blockchain ecosystem. Discover our expertise to keep your digital assets secure and stay one step ahead of potential threats.

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Blockchain Protocol Audit

Optimize all architectural and application layers of your blockchain protocol with industry-leading security audits and testing to maximize its security and performance. These comprehensive audits are conducted to identify and effectively address potential security vulnerabilities in your protocol. Ensure the security of your protocol while achieving high performance and efficiency.

Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract auditing is a process that involves methods such as dual-code analysis and lead auditor reviews. These audits provide a comprehensive review to enhance the security and functionality of your smart contract. Dual-code analysis is used to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, while lead auditor reviews are conducted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the smart contract. This auditing process enhances the reliability of your smart contract and helps gain the trust of users.

Penetration Testing

Hackdra’s penetration testing is a proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities by simulating the tools and perspective of black hat hackers. It allows you to discover flaws in your Web3 project before attackers do. Hackdra’s cyber attack simulations are an effective method to increase the security of your project and detect possible vulnerabilities. These tests make your project more resilient to cyber attacks and help you take preventive measures.

Formal Verification

You can use formal verification methods to ensure the reliability and accuracy of your smart contract and blockchain protocol. Formal verification uses mathematical logic and proof techniques to show that your system is working correctly and that there are no undiscovered vulnerabilities. This way, you can ensure the integrity of your smart contract and blockchain protocol while gaining users’ trust.


Adopt the KYC service to securely verify the identities of your customers. This service allows you to authenticate your customers’ identities using web3’s leading identity verification and status detection solutions. The KYC service enhances customer satisfaction while helping you protect your reputation and assets. Additionally, with the KYC service, you can meet legal compliance requirements and ensure the security of customer data.

Dapp Audit

Dapp auditing involves reviewing the codebase, smart contracts, and other components of the dApp. This auditing process is performed to identify potential vulnerabilities, verify the accuracy and functionality of smart contracts, meet compliance requirements, and ensure the security of user data. Hackdra’s dApp audit service helps build user trust by improving the security and integrity of the dApp.

Tokenomics Audit

Initiate the audit process with Hackdra, which identifies potential risks and evaluates the economic structure and operation of your crypto asset. This process examines factors such as token supply and demand balance, distribution model, price stability, use cases, and the role within the ecosystem. Additionally, it assesses factors that impact the project’s sustainability and token value. The improvement recommendations provided by Hackdra’s experts enhance your economic performance, ensuring the success of your project and instilling investor confidence.


Our developers help you stand out in the digital world with innovative and user-oriented web3 applications, helping you reach a wide user base and increase the efficiency of your business. This service delivers customized solutions, leveraging their industry experience and technical expertise to help you build a successful web3 application. Our expert team understands your project requirements and implements them safely and effectively using best practices.


Cybersecurity consulting services enable you to collaborate with ethical hackers and security experts to ensure sustainable and high-level security for your systems. This service evaluates your existing security infrastructure, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides improvement recommendations. Hackdra’s team of ethical hackers, who are experts in their field, develop a comprehensive security strategy for your system and ensure its implementation. This strategy includes security policies, monitoring and detection systems, security incident management, and emergency response plans.

Strengthen Your Digital Castles with Next-Generation Cybersecurity Solutions

Safeguard your business with Hackdra’s cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Our AI-powered unified platform is ushering in a new era of threat management. Detect, analyze, and neutralize cyber threats seamlessly. Empower your organization with superior efficiency against various cyber risks.

Cloud Security

Hackdra’s customized cloud security solutions provide robust protection for your data and applications in the cloud. With advanced encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring, we ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your digital assets.

Vulnerability Management

Hackdra’s vulnerability management services identify, assess, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your systems. We provide proactive solutions to address these vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of exploitation and ensuring the resilience of your infrastructure.

Application Security

Hackdra’s application security solutions protect your software applications from potential vulnerabilities and attacks. Our comprehensive approach includes secure coding practices, penetration testing, and continuous monitoring to ensure the reliability and security of your applications.

Attack Resistance Management

Hackdra’s attack resistance management strategies strengthen your defenses against cyber attacks. We implement robust security measures, conduct threat intelligence analysis, and develop incident response plans to ensure your organization is prepared to mitigate and respond to potential threats.

Authentication & Access Control

Hackdra’s authentication and access control solutions ensure that only authorized individuals can access your systems and sensitive data. We implement multi-factor authentication, role-based access controls, and user activity monitoring to enhance the security of your organization.

Attack Surface Management

Hackdra’s attack surface management techniques minimize your organization’s exposure to potential threats. We identify and reduce vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure, ensuring a secure and resilient environment for your operations.

Continuous Security Testing

Hackdra offers continuous security testing services to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems on an ongoing basis. We conduct regular penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and code reviews to ensure that your systems are secure against evolving threats.

Big Data Security Modeling

Hackdra specializes in big data security modeling, providing advanced techniques to secure your large-scale data infrastructure. We analyze your data ecosystem, identify potential security risks, and develop robust security models to protect your valuable data assets.

Content Filtering & Monitoring

Hackdra provides content filtering and monitoring solutions to protect your network from malicious or inappropriate content. We implement advanced filtering techniques to block access to harmful websites, restrict the transmission of sensitive data, and monitor network traffic for any suspicious activities.

Firewall Management

Hackdra offers comprehensive firewall management services to ensure that your network is protected against unauthorized access and malicious activities. We configure and monitor your firewall settings, update rule sets, and provide real-time threat intelligence to keep your network secure.

Protection Against Fraud

Hackdra offers comprehensive fraud protection solutions to safeguard your organization against various types of fraudulent activities. We employ advanced fraud detection algorithms, transaction monitoring, and behavior analysis to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions and activities.

Internal Network Audit

Hackdra conducts internal network audits to assess the security of your internal network infrastructure. We identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and potential security gaps, and provide recommendations to strengthen your network security posture.

Blockchain Monitoring

Hackdra’s blockchain monitoring services provide real-time visibility into blockchain transactions and activities. We help you identify and mitigate risks associated with blockchain technologies, ensuring the security and integrity of your blockchain-based operations.

Deepweb & Darkweb

Hackdra’s deepweb and darkweb services monitor and analyze activities in the hidden corners of the internet. We help you identify potential threats, monitor underground forums, and gather intelligence to protect your organization from cybercriminals operating in these hidden spaces.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Hackdra’s vulnerability intelligence services provide real-time insights into potential vulnerabilities in your systems. We continuously monitor and analyze the threat landscape, enabling you to proactively address vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of exploitation.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Hackdra’s cyber threat intelligence services provide actionable insights into the latest cyber threats and attack vectors. We gather and analyze threat data from various sources to help you stay ahead of potential threats and make informed security decisions.

Brand Protection

Hackdra’s brand protection solutions safeguard your brand reputation by monitoring and mitigating online threats such as phishing attacks, counterfeit products, and brand impersonation. We employ advanced techniques to detect and take down malicious content, ensuring the integrity of your brand.

Takedown & Disruption

Hackdra’s takedown and disruption solutions target malicious actors and their infrastructure. We work to dismantle cybercriminal operations, disrupt their activities, and remove malicious content from the internet, protecting your organization and its stakeholders.

Data Security Analysis

Hackdra conducts thorough data security analysis to identify vulnerabilities and assess the overall security posture of your data infrastructure. We provide actionable insights and recommendations to strengthen your data security measures.

Data Monitoring & Breach Detection

Hackdra’s data monitoring and breach detection services continuously monitor your data environment for any suspicious activities or unauthorized access attempts. We employ advanced technologies and techniques to detect and respond to data breaches in real-time.

Data Leak Prevention

Hackdra implements robust data leak prevention measures to safeguard your sensitive information from accidental or intentional data leaks. We employ data loss prevention technologies, access controls, and user awareness training to mitigate the risk of data leakage.

Data Backup & Recovery

Hackdra provides reliable data backup and recovery solutions to ensure the availability and integrity of your data. We implement automated backup processes, secure storage, and efficient recovery mechanisms to minimize downtime and data loss.

Data Access Monitoring & Control

Hackdra’s data access monitoring and control solutions ensure that only authorized individuals can access and modify your data. We implement granular access controls, activity monitoring, and audit trails to maintain data integrity and prevent unauthorized access.

Data Encryption

Hackdra employs strong data encryption techniques to protect your sensitive information from unauthorized access. We implement encryption algorithms and secure key management practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Security Trainings & Seminars

Hackdra provides engaging and informative security trainings and seminars to educate your employees on various security topics. We cover areas such as best practices for password management, safe browsing habits, and identifying phishing attempts.

Awareness Campaigns

Hackdra designs and implements awareness campaigns to promote a culture of security within your organization. Through engaging materials, posters, and online resources, we raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and encourage employees to adopt secure practices.

Suspicious Content Review

Hackdra provides a suspicious content review service to help identify and address potential security risks in digital content, such as websites, files, or applications. Our experts analyze the content for malicious code, vulnerabilities, or other indicators of compromise.

Suspicious Email Review

Hackdra offers a suspicious email review service to help identify and mitigate potential email-based threats. Our experts analyze suspicious emails, attachments, and links to determine their legitimacy and provide recommendations on how to respond or report them.

Training Against Social Engineering Attacks

Hackdra provides specialized training to help your employees recognize and defend against social engineering attacks. We educate them on common tactics used by attackers, such as phishing, pretexting, and baiting, and provide practical tips to avoid falling victim to these manipulative techniques.

Internet Security Guides & Resources

Hackdra provides comprehensive internet security guides and resources to help individuals and organizations enhance their online security. These resources cover topics such as secure browsing, password management, and protecting personal information online.

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