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Get seamless security against hacking and exploitation with the industry’s first and only AI-powered company, thanks to Hackdra’s dApp audit.

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Build trust and minimize risks with dApp auditing

The audit of dApp is the expert analysis of every line of code that identifies errors in the dApp and provides solutions. This is an important process that ensures the security of a dApp project as much as possible. To ensure that contracts function as intended, we combine expert manual review of dApp code with our advanced artificial intelligence technology and mathematical techniques. Our industry-leading audit methodology, experience, and proprietary tools enhance the functionality of your program with a mathematical approach to guarantee that it operates as intended. Projects that have completed the audit earn a place in the Hackdra Web3 Security Scoreboard. This is a strong indication to the entire Web3 community of a project’s commitment to security.

Avoid costly errors

Critical security vulnerabilities may put your project’s existence at risk. The biggest hacks are mostly caused attributable to code security flaws.

Optimize your code

Get advice from the best dApp audit firm to optimize your code. Apart from security flaws, our specialists detect bugs affecting product logic.

Increase audience trust

dApp code auditing builds trust without being subject to the question “Is this project a safe choice?” Incident rate among projects audited by Hackdra is less than 1%.
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What projects need a dApp audit?

The audit of dApps is crucial for the security of decentralized applications and the protection of users. This audit ensures code security, user data privacy, and transaction accuracy. It also verifies the compliance of dApps with legal regulations and protects user rights. This audit process promotes wider acceptance of blockchain technology and enables users to interact with dApps safely.

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DeFi Protocols

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects, known for their substantial assets and user transaction volume, often have complex smart contracts and financial transactions. Therefore, dApp audits are crucial for ensuring security in this domain.

NFT Markets and Games

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects, facilitating the trading of digital assets, have gained immense popularity. NFT markets and blockchain-based games prioritize security due to users managing valuable digital assets.

Smart City and IoT Projects

Blockchain-based smart city initiatives and Internet of Things (IoT) applications aim to integrate city infrastructure and IoT devices with blockchain technology. Given the complexity and diverse smart contracts involved in such projects, security is of utmost importance.

Supply Chain and Logistics Projects

Blockchain can enhance transparency in supply chain management and logistics. However, the success of these projects hinges on robust security measures.

Public and Private Blockchain Projects

Large-scale blockchain projects initiated by public institutions or private enterprises often require dApp audits. These projects typically serve a broad user base and prioritize security.

Financial Services and Banking Projects

Projects integrating traditional financial services with blockchain technology usually demand high-security standards. These projects prioritize dApp audits for the security of customer assets and data integrity.
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When does a project need a dApp audit?

A project may require a decentralized application (dApp) audit in various scenarios and stages. dApp audits are crucial tools for enhancing the security, integrity, and effectiveness of projects. Customizing each dApp audit according to specific needs and the characteristics of the project is important.

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Development of a New dApp

When a new dApp is developed, a dApp audit may be necessary to assess the security and accuracy of smart contracts, user interfaces, and other components.

Updating or Expanding an Existing dApp

When expanding or updating existing dApp features, a dApp audit may be needed to evaluate the security of added or modified components.

User Complaints or Errors

In cases where users or businesses report errors or security issues during the use of a dApp, seeking a dApp audit can be crucial for identifying and rectifying issues.

DeFi or Financial Applications

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications, managing significant assets and involving complex financial transactions, may regularly require dApp audits.

Investor Demands

Investors in a project may expect certain standards regarding the security and health of the project in which they have invested, leading to the need for a dApp audit.
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Benefits of dApp auditing by Hackdra

Dapp auditing, together with the service offered by Hackdra, offers significant benefits to ensure the integrity and security of your project, minimizing risks and maximizing success.

Enhanced Security

Hackdra’s dApp audit ensures the integrity and security of your project by helping to detect and remediate weaknesses. This protects your assets and reputation by reducing the risk of breaches or contract failures.

Trust and Reputation

With transparent and comprehensive audit processes, Hackdra builds trust and enhances the reputation of your project. Demonstrating a commitment to transparency, security, and best practices will attract more participants and investors.

Regulatory Compliance

Hackdra ensures that your dApps comply with relevant legislation and industry standards. This helps you meet regulatory requirements and minimize the risk of non-compliance, penalties, and legal disputes.

Expertise and Experience

Hackdra brings a team of specialized auditors, ethical hackers, and cybersecurity experts with deep knowledge and experience in dApp auditing. Their expertise uncovers potential risks and offers valuable insights into security and functionality.

Timely and Efficient Process

Hackdra follows a smart and efficient process to conduct dApp audits without unnecessary delays. This allows you to quickly address detected issues and launch your project with confidence.

Transparent Pricing

Hackdra adopts a pricing policy that is fair and understandable to customers. This ensures that you get customized solutions without hidden costs or surprises.

Ongoing Support

Hackdra provides ongoing support and guidance even after the audit is complete. They help implement recommended security measures, stay up-to-date with emerging threats, and ensure the long-term security of your dApps.

Customized Solutions

Hackdra understands that every project is unique and may have specific requirements. They offer customized dApp auditing solutions that fit the needs of your projects. This personalized approach ensures a more effective and efficient audit and allows you to thoroughly assess and protect the security of your project.
How Does It Work?

dApp Audit Process

Every dApp audit involves comprehensive manual review by our team of experienced security experts. Automated AI-powered review provides an additional layer of security. Formal verification is an optional further step that certifies smart contract behavior with respect to custom function specifications. This helps developers get a handle on the entire scope of their platform.

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Introduction Review

A preliminary review is conducted to develop a comprehensive understanding of the general design, technologies used, and purposes of the dApp.

Smart Contract Audit

The code of smart contracts that provide the fundamental functionality of the dApp is examined. This review is carried out to identify security vulnerabilities, logical errors, and compliance issues.

User Interface Evaluation

The dApp’s user interface is examined in terms of user experience, accessibility, and security. User interface tests assess the accuracy and security of user interactions.

Database and Data Processing Audit

The database structure, data security, data integrity, and performance of the dApp are examined. Data processing procedures and data storage methods are reviewed.

Security Testing

The dApp undergoes security tests and penetration tests. These tests are conducted to identify potential attack vectors and detect security vulnerabilities.

Performance Assessment

The performance of the dApp is evaluated through load tests and optimization tests. This step aims to determine how the dApp will perform under heavy usage scenarios.

Compliance Assessment

The dApp is examined for compliance with relevant industry standards, regulations, and security requirements. This step aims to determine whether the dApp complies with legal and regulatory requirements.

Certification and Publication on OZNET

As Hackdra, we provide a certification that verifies the security of the dApp. This certification demonstrates that the dApp has been audited by Hackdra and complies with security standards. Moreover, we can publish your audit results on trusted platforms like OZNET. This enhances the credibility of your project and serves as a reference point for potential investors or users.
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What does a dApp audit report include?

dApp Code Review And Security Analysis Report

Detailed classification of identified security vulnerabilities according to their importance levels,

Step-by-step recommendations on how to resolve security vulnerabilities,

Suggestions for performance improvement for future development potential,

Scoring of documentation quality, code quality, architectural quality, and security elements.

Audit Examples Methodology Empowered With UlgenAI


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Fundamental security measures for the dApp include strong authentication, authorization controls, protection against malicious inputs, and smart contract security.

Smart contracts have undergone a detailed review for security flaws, vulnerabilities, and compliance. Conformity with OWASP Top 10 and other security standards has been verified.

Entry authentication and cleansing controls are implemented to provide protection against malicious data injections.

Appropriate encryption methods and secure data storage protocols are used to ensure the security and privacy of personal data.

The interaction of the dApp with the protocol has been examined, and network security and resistance to attacks have been verified.

The dApp is equipped with suitable monitoring and alarm systems to track and identify malicious activities. Anomaly detection systems are utilized to identify security breaches.

Users are incentivized with rewards or incentives to report security concerns, and community feedback is carefully reviewed.

Compliance with relevant regulations and compliance requirements has been assessed, and necessary measures have been taken.

The smart contract code has undergone a detailed review to prevent malicious activities and ensure compliance with security standards.

The development process includes tests on a test network, and update strategies are planned. Security measures are closely monitored while the dApp is continuously updated.