The Virtual Universe of the Future: Elquidyll

The Virtual Universe of the Future: Elquidyll

Elquidyll is a 2D RPG, P2E card game that aims to provide players with different ways to win while also offering them an enjoyable gaming experience. It seeks to address the challenges faced by existing GameFi initiatives, particularly those looking for a project that provides a fun and engaging game where players can participate, earn, and learn about Web3 and the environment.

Every victory and challenge overcome by players in this adventure holds real-world value. This virtual universe, which will be humanity’s living space, inspires the future human ecosystem. The future of the game is here, and it’s time to lead the way.

Elquidyll, under the security supervision of Hackdra, indicates that the high-security structure of the virtual universe of the future is closer to moving human living space into the cyber universe than previously thought.

What is Elquidyll?

Elquidyll is a society formed above the clouds to escape the toxic environment on the ground. Inspired by the person who conceived the idea and initiated the movement, they named the floating island in the sky “Elquidyll.” Utilizing extremely powerful energy from the stars known as Ophir, Elquidyll has the potential to lift an entire continent into the air.

elquidyll 2
Town Hall:All in-game announcements, news, tournaments, etc., can be found here.

We are currently in the year 7201, a time when artificial intelligence, robots, androids, and cyborgs have become commonplace amid numerous technological and scientific advancements. People excessively rely on technology everywhere they go. Pollution and radiation levels remain consistently high, leading to the destruction of the natural environment. In this dystopian world, malevolent corporations control sprawling mega-cities emanating from inaccessible skyscrapers, plunging society into complete chaos.

elquidyll 5
Home:This is where they can see their house, inventory, and other things.

However, there are still others seeking the best for humanity and the planet. An organization has been established with the goal of building a utopia where technology and the environment develop in harmony for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Imagine a world where the air you breathe is always pure, every structure has rooftop gardens, and is surrounded by lush greenery and landscapes. Picture cities managed entirely by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, designed to coexist peacefully with the natural world and distributed fairly to all people, envisioning a utopia where technology and the environment develop in harmony for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Make Money Safely With Elquidyll

Players can win in-game rewards by completing missions, reaching milestones or contributing to the game. In this game model, players will need to bet their own money (in the form of coins) to win additional coins in-game. Players can earn rewards based on their in-game skills, such as completing missions, reaching milestones or contributing to the game. There are various ways to earn money in the game:

elquidyll 3
Tournaments are another feature of Elquidyll. You can win big at a lower cost.


This is the player versus player (PvP) section of the game where players compete against four other players in a card game.
The winner of this section of the game will take all the token bets placed by other players. There are a total of six Arena tiers, each offering a variety of betting levels to accommodate different player budgets.

PvP Arena:Depending on their MCE, this is where the PvP takes place.


This is another way of giving back to the community. A new raffle will be created every month, and the only way to win raffle tickets is by competing in the arena. The more expensive the arena, the more raffle tickets one can expect to receive. Players can win example prizes such as 20 Tokens Winner worth $100, 50 Tournament Ticket Winner, and so on.

elquidyll 4
To participate in the tournament, players must purchase a ticket in the marketplace on the dApp.

Market Place

  • Players have the opportunity to profit from the market in the following ways:
    • Buying and selling NFTs (Facilities)
    • Buying an NFT and then selling only the returns (MCE)
    • Participate in battles in the arena to earn rewards and then sell these rewards in the marketplace (In-game items)
  • Things that can be bought and sold in the market:
    • Plants
    • Emblems
    • Items
    • Fertilizers
    • Tournament Tickets
elquidyll 7
Marketplace:Various in-game items can be purchased and sold here.

You can join now to explore this legendary world or become a traveler. A traveler is a player who only visits Elquidyll and does not have a Plant NFT. Their goal is to explore the game. The only thing they can do is participate in arena and tournaments. They can also buy emblems and tickets from the market.

elquidyll 6

Safe Elquidyll

Monitored by Hackdra’s Ethical hackers, expert security auditors and high-tech dynamic AI, Elquidyll has a high security rating of 90.21% to ensure users have a safe and enjoyable environment to earn money.

elquidyll hackdra oznet security score
Hackdra OZNET

With an 85% operational resilience rating, it provides superior protection against future threats and sharply prevents in-game user complaints.

With a 100% governance strength rating, it perfectly prioritizes user satisfaction and provides 24/7 support for all questions and assistance needs.

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