YouTube Videos Promoting Fake Software Steal Your Information!

YouTube Videos Promoting Fake Software Steal Your Information!

Fake Software Videos on YouTube Actually Direct Users to Download the Malicious Program Lumma

The fake software videos published on YouTube actually direct users to download the malicious program Lumma. Thus, personal information and cryptocurrencies of users whose computers are seized can be stolen. Additionally, these systems are used for illegal activities.

Especially users searching for cracked versions of paid programs like Vegas Pro download a fake installer from MediaFire by clicking on the links in the video descriptions. This installer actually downloads a malicious .NET program.

During the installation of the program, virtual machine and debugger checks are made so that the user’s information is stolen without realizing it. Please do not trust such videos and links on YouTube. Be careful about the security of your information.

Mert Doğukan is an experienced C-level executive, CISO, specialized in information security and risk management. With strong leadership qualities and strategic vision, he plays a crucial role in protecting and ensuring the security of the company's information assets. He demonstrates top-level performance in developing, implementing, and auditing corporate-level information security strategies. Additionally, he closely monitors technological advancements to continuously update and enhance the company's cybersecurity infrastructure.

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